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Studying at IS

The Institute of Sociology in Karowa Street offers an impressive selection of courses, giving students an opportunity to pursue their individual interests in fields such as:

Methods of social and market research
Identity in post-modern society
Sociology of everyday life
Sociology of the Internet, mass media, and public communication
Sociology and philosophy of politics
Social exclusion, discrimination, and prejudice
Migration, national and ethnic minorities in Europe and worldwide
Cultural and social problems of European integration
Discourse analysis
Cultural dimension of civilisational change in the globalised world
Gender studies
Conflicts and crises
Sociology and public policy
Sociology of social problems
Sociology of organisations and labour markets
Formal models in sociology
Civil society and the third sector

Apart from offering multi-faceted intellectual stimulation, we attach great importance to developing practical skills in our students, through a wide range of practical research training sessions and workshops.

Our students have the opportunity to acquire valuable competencies and establish contacts through involvement in grants and research initiatives conducted by our faculty, as well as participation in practical traineeships organised by our Institute. Our faculty are willing to include students in their research and organisational activities. Anyone who wants to learn the practice of sociology will find a plethora of opportunities to do so at our Institute.

A centre of numerous social and academic initiatives, the Institute is a vibrant place and there is always a lot happening in Karowa Street. Anyone, regardless of their views or interests, will find a place here because we appreciate diversity and independent thinking.

Our graduates have an advantage in that they belong to a community of people who believe that practice without imagination is dead, and a sound command of research tools and technical expertise do not preclude spiritual or social growth.