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Dr Maciej A. Górecki

Head of the Social Capital Research Group. He earned his PhD in the Trinity College Dublin. His primary research interests are in comparative political behaviour, with an emphasis on elections and voting. In particular, he is interested in the implementation of the concept of habitual voting to the studies in the impact of electoral context on voter turnout. He also studies local campaigning and its geographic context (“friends and neighbours voting” phenomenon) in Ireland. In addition, he is interested in survey research methodology and statistical modelling.

Contact: goreckim[at]


Recent Publications

dr hab. Prof. UW Anna Giza-Poleszczuk

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Dr hab. Natalia Letki

is an Associate Professor at the Institute of Sociology. She earned her PhD in Nuffield College, Oxford University.
She is interested in political behaviour of citizens and political elites, especially in the context of systemic transformation. She is also interested in social capital, social trust, membership in voluntary associations, civic and political participation, civic morality and trustworthiness. She has researched their relation to the institutional political and economic context in the new and established democracies. Her current projects focus on citizens’ attitudes and behaviour towards public goods in post-communist transition.

She was the PI of an ERC StG Project Public Goods through Private Eyes: Exploring Citizens’ Attitudes towards Public Goods and the State in East-Central Europe. The project concluded successfully in December 2014; the data will be released in 2018.

She is currently involved in PROVIDE: PROVIding smart DElivery of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry, together with Mikołaj Czajkowski (Warsaw Ecological Economics Center, University of Warsawa). She was also an Associate of the Growing Inequalities’ Impacts project.

Before joining the Institute of Sociology of Warsaw University she was an Assistant Professor at
Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, Poland and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in politics group in Nuffield College, University of Oxford.

Contact: natalia.letki[at]



Paula Kukołowicz, MA

is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University. Her main research interests focus on quantitative methods is social and political science, methodology of comparative quantitative research and women’s representation in politics. For four years (2010-2014) she worked as a research assistant in the “Public Goods through Private Eyes” Project.

Contact: paula.kukolowicz[at]


Dorota Żurkowska, MA

is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University.

She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology (2011). Her main research interests focus on sociology of emotion, sociology of morality and general axiology. She worked as a researcher in a market research company and as a research assistant in the “Public Goods through Private Eyes” Project.

Contact: dorota.zurkowska[at]


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