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Projekt ERC Starting Grant “Public Goods through Private Eyes”

The Project “Public Goods through Private Eyes. Exploring Citizen Attitudes towards Public Goods and the State in East-Central Europe” was awarded funding of 1.73 million Euro as a result of the 2nd ERC Starting Grant competition. The project started in December 2009 and successfully concluded in November 2014. The data from the project will be released in 2018.

22042 respondents in 1050 neighbourhoods of 14 countries were interviewed on their attitudes and behaviour towards public goods and common pool resources, their confidence in and evaluations of state institutions, and on their attitudes towards their communities and fellow citizens. The PGPE Master English Questionnaire can be found here.

The Project’s PI was Natalia Letki, an Associate Professor at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. She is currently a member of the Social Capital Research Group.

The PGPE team members (2014): Dorota Żurkowska, Wojciech Rafałowski, Natalia Letki, Maciej A. Górecki and Paula Kukołowicz. Photo: Mirosław Kaźmierczak.

The PGPE Project was been developed with the help of an international Advisory Board:
Rene Bekkers (VU University Amsterdam), Klarita Gërxhani (University of Amsterdam/AIAS), Erich Kirchler (University of Vienna), Stephan Muehlbacher (University of Vienna), Kristina Murphy (Griffith University), Pamela Paxton (The University of Texas at Austin) and Michael Wenzel (Flinders University).