„Zwierciadło na gościńcu”

23 kwi, 2019; Aktualności

Ukazała się książka  prof. Antoniego Sułka A Mirror on the High Road: Chapters from the History of Social Research. Opublikował ją Peter Lang przy wsparciu Instytutu Socjologii UW.
The book is a collection of articles and essays devoted to important studies conducted by Polish sociologists in the course of more than a hundred years. It displays not only the discipline’s scholarship but also the society studied, with its questions and problems, from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 21th century, from partition times through the interwar period to the Great Depression, and then from real socialism to the fall of communism and the systemic transformation toward democracy. In this sense, sociological research is Stendhal’s “mirror carried along a high road”, where Polish society parades. The findings have been important sources for the social history of Poland.

Dedykacja: In memory of Jakub Karpiński, who both wrote history and helped create it.

Ze wstępu autora: I wrote the studies contained in the present volume during my years at the University of Warsaw, where I was first a student in the Department of Philosophy (1963-1968) and then later combined research and teaching in the Institute of Sociology (1968-2018). With this book I end my work at that excellent academic institution.  28 September 2018.

1. Tracing de Tocqueville: Ludwik Krzywicki’s 1893 journey to „modern” America
2. ‘Le suicide’ in Poland. Analysis of spread and reception of a sociological classic
3. The Marienthal study (1930/1931) and contemporary studies on unemployment in Poland
4. “To America!”. Polish sociologists in the United States after 1956 and the development of empirical sociology in Poland
5. Stefan Nowak’s “Students of Warsaw” and other studies on social attitudes by members of Stanisław Ossowski’s Circle
6. The rise and decline of survey sociology in Poland
7. Serving society or the authorities? Public opinion research in the last decade of communism
8. Systemic transformation and the reliability of survey research: evidence from Poland
9. On the unpredictability of revolutions: why did Polish sociology fail to forecast Solidarity?
10. A sociology engaged on behalf of the Polish society